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Published: November 10, 2023 • Last Updated: February 27, 2024
Author: Laura

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These are my favorite products from Perfect Supplements and why I use them. I put specific products into groups to give you an idea of what may be helpful, depending on what you’re looking for. These are the top 3-4 supplements for each group.

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None of the advice is meant to be medical advice. Speak with your trusted medical professional before starting a new supplement.

Why I like Perfect Supplements

As I have researched and dug deep into supplement companies, especially over the last year, it has given me a new appreciation for companies that are 1)providing high quality products and 2)transparent in their practices and manufacturing processes.

I love that many of their products are organic and above that, glyphosate free certified. They go above and beyond to make quality products. They have their products third party tested and freely show the results. We need more companies like this!

What supplements I like from Perfect Supplements

Let’s get to the good part! Here are my top choices for adults:

Aquatic Greens: Algae in the form of spirulina and chlorella is amazing!! This is actually a food, not a “supplement”. Algae works like a cleanup and repair crew in the body. It helps mitochondria to function and repair. The ultimate combination to cell health and function is to take Aquatic Greens and to use red light therapy! Algae works its magic as a clean up crew when there are toxins and bacteria in the body. It is also good for the liver and blood sugar levels. THIS podcast is a must listen for all things about chlorella and spirulina.

Desiccated Liver: This is from cows that are grass-fed, with no antibiotics or added hormones and no chemical fertilizers. It is full of iron, vitamin a and vitamin B12, among others. It is an excellent replacement for a multivitamin because of all it offers. Desiccated liver is great for metabolism, the digestive system, cardiovascular health and more.

Liver Detox Supplement: Your liver is one of the hardest working organs in the body! I actually wish this was called Liver Support rather than Liver Detox. It has all the most beneficial herbs to help the liver function to the best of its ability. It contains herbs that help with both phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification–hence the name detox 🙂 Each herb used in this has been tested for heavy metals, mold, bacteria and herbicides/pesticides. The herbs used (artichoke leaf, milk thistle, turmeric, schisandra berry, broccoli sprout, cilantro and chlorella) help you naturally detoxify, helps eliminate heavy metals, protects the liver and provides antioxidants.

Mushroom Immunity (powder or capsule): This may seem like a surprising choice but this is an incredible supplement (again, just food, not a “supplement”!). It contains organic reishi, chaga and turkey tail mushrooms. There are thousands of research articles on the benefits of mushrooms and they are one of the oldest foods consumed. These specific mushrooms do everything from detoxing the body to calm and balance the nervous system. They help support the endocrine system (think hormone system!) and are an incredible antioxidant. These have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

For Kids, these are powerhouse foods. These give you a big bang for your buck in the nutrition department:

Bovine Gelatin: I chose this for the kids section for a few reasons. It is so good for gut health and I feel we are setting our kids up for good health if we do what we can to prevent leaky gut and inflammation. It is full of amino acids, like glycine, that specifically helps keep the gut lining sealed and in tact. It is also good for muscle and tissue, both of which are growing at a fast rate in kids! This is gelatin that…gels! You can make homemade dummies (I have a gelatin highlight on my IG page), marshmallows, custards, add it to soups and more.

Desiccated liver: If your child is picky and you are worried about them getting enough nutrients, this is for you. Liver is the ultimate nutrition burst of goodness. Our bodies know exactly what to do with ultra-absorbable vitamins. It is full of vitamin A, choline, protein and iron. You can open the capsule and add it to savory foods like spaghetti sauce! If your child can swallow a capsule, 1-2 is great. For teens 3-4. For teen girls, at that time of the month, for sure have her take 3-4. It will help her so much!

Mushroom Immunity: My guess is that most kids don’t care for mushrooms but I hate for them to miss all the amazing benefits. These are such a powerhouse powder that is perfect to add (along with liver 😉 to savory foods. See the benefits above.

The supplements below are great for the immune system:

Vitamin D3: I’ve seen vitamin D supplements fall in and out of favor over the years in the wellness space. It has always been recommended to me by our functional medicine doctor and I am certain it has helped us. Most people are low in vitamin D. It has many, many functions in the body but one of the most important is that it supports and improves the immune system. It stimulates T-cell production and helps respond to viral infections.

Mushroom Immunity (powder or capsule): The mushrooms contained in this blend contain polysaccharides, including beta-glucans. These help stimulate immune cells and enhance the body ability to fend off infections. Perfect Supplements mushroom powder contains at least 15% beta-glucans, the entire mushroom (fruiting body, mycelium and biomass) and is third party tested for heavy metals.

Acerola (powder or capsules): We all know vitamin C is great for the immune system. Why this vitamin C? It is made from acerola cherries have 50-125x the vitamin C of oranges. They are also full of polyphenolic flavonoids and antioxidants and known for reducing inflammation. Take all winter long! Take extra if you’ve been around someone sick, before and after traveling, during stressful situations and if you’re dealing with inflammation. We burn through vitamin C during these times.

Bone Broth Powder: It contains vitamins, minerals and what is better than broth when you’re feeling down? It is anti-inflammatory and helps the gut lining which is where much of your immune system begins. You can add this bone broth powder to soups, stews and even to hot chocolate. It has a rich, earthy flavor. It contains type I, II and III collagen..

Rhodiola Rosea: Rhodiola rosea is known for having anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties. It helps the body modulate the stress response. I know several people that take this when they feel depression settling in. It is also known for it’s ability to help with strength and stamina. This can be taken daily.

Revive: This is full of adaptogens. It great if you don’t sleep well the previous night. It gives you nice, even energy. It helps your body find balance and adapt to physical, chemical and environmental stresses. This is great for overall mood and general well-being. It contains: cordyceps, açaí, rhodiola and grape seed. The quick version: good for mood and dealing with stress.

Açaí: Açaí is known for being full of antioxidants…three times as many as blueberries! Studies have also shown that it protects the brain by counteracting damage from inflammation and oxidation. It helps the brain clean up toxic or non-functioning cells. Acai is good for energy, the immune system and inflammation.

Is That Everything?

My goal was to make this *not* overwhelming and hopefully easy to navigate. Perfect Supplements also has other great products like their collagen, matchinga and MCT oil. If you’re in the market for those, theirs are good, quality options.

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