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Sourdough Starter

This is the perfect add-on to your Sourdough Cookbook!

Over the past 15 years, I have nurtured my starter to be robust and strong! In early 2020 I saw the need for people to bring back this traditional way of baking and began selling my starter. I have now mailed my starter to thousands of people all across the country!

My starter is made with 100% organic flour and pure, filtered water so you can be confident that it is made with the best quality ingredients for your baking needs.

What you will receive:

You will be sent one packet of dehydrated sourdough starter that comes from my active, mature starter. You will rehydrate the dehydrated starter with flour and water. It comes with step by step instructions, tips on caring for and storing your sourdough starter and two fantastic recipes.

Your order will be processed within 24 hours and may take up to 7-10 business days to arrive in the mail via USPS.


23 reviews for Sourdough Starter

  1. DeAnn

    The starter came in the mail quickly with easy to follow instructions.

  2. Karissa

    I was a complete beginner when it came to sourdough and this starter was so easy to use and the instructions make it easy to understand! Anyone will be able to start baking with sourdough with the help from this quick starter!

  3. RedBlueSpice

    Laura’s dehydrated sourdough starter was simple to rehydrate. It became usable for baking within that week. The starter is hardy and very active. It’s a beautiful starter! She shipped it out quickly, also. I definitely recommend her starter!

  4. Kelly Anglin

    Laura is wonderful to work with. She shipped my starter quickly. The instructions were clear. This was my first attempt ever with Sourdough and I was able to activate without any trouble. Highly recommend for anyone starting at any level of experience for the convenience of having a strong, active starter after a few feds.

  5. Julie

    Laura’s starter was perfect for a first-time sourdough baker over here! Her instructions were easy to understand but beyond that, the bread tastes fantastic!!! I used her artisan sourdough recipe and there’s no need to tweak it at all. It’s delish!

  6. Brianna French

    I started my sourdough journey with Laura’s starter, and also bought her book! Easy recipes and so fun to play around with. The sourdough starter was easy to get activated and I’ve been enjoying baking with it for 6+months now. Sourdough baking is my new favorite hobby!

  7. Jasmin

    Best thing ever.
    I have ordered the starter twice now from Laura. It comes in the mail quickly. I like the price point. Little bit goes a long way. I have gifted this to my sister and mom living in different countries and it has really given me the gift of baking. Thank you Laura.

  8. Amy

    This starter was so quick and easy to get going! It was ready to bake with within a day or two! Came in the mail quickly. So happy I didn’t have to start one from scratch again.

  9. Rachel McLaughlin

    After failing to successfully create my own starter, I purchased one from Laura as well as her sourdough cookbook. This has led to a great sourdough journey for me! Her starter has been so easy to maintain and I have made many amazing things in the last 7 months. Thank you Laura!

  10. Jayne Pierson

    I tried multiple times to get my own starter established but it never took. Once I ordered Laura’s starter, it arrived quickly and was so easy to get going! I have tried so many new recipes pretty successfully!!

  11. Kim Preston

    Laura’s dehydrated starter is amazing! It’s great for beginners getting started on their sourdough journey and a little apprehensive about doing it from scratch. Her instructions are perfect and easy to follow. She answers any questions you have and wants you to be successful. I loved purchasing it from such a kind & sweet soul. Thank you Laura!

  12. Amy

    I knew nothing about sourdough, but this starter was super simple to get going. It shipped quickly and within a week my starter was ready to bake with!

  13. Brittany Major

    I love being able to have a starter that’s ready to go in under a week thanks to Laura’s dehydrated starter! It’s always worked so well for me and starting for scratch with a starter takes weeks if not months, which can become discouraging. My starter is currently live and well and making us so many different breads. I wouldn’t be as confident in my bread making skills if it wasn’t for Laura’s help and amazing starter!

  14. Michelle

    Received the starter quickly and perfectly packaged. The instructions to rehydrate the starter were detailed and super easy to follow! Only took a couple of days and it was ready to bake!

  15. Hillary

    Lauras’ dehydrated starter is so easy to rehydrate, and is the best sourdough starter I have had! I would recommend it to anyone! Thank you Laura!

  16. Annie

    I bought the sourdough starter for my husband and he loves it! The starter came with easy to follow instructions and was very easy to get started. We also love the sourdough recipes Laura posts!

  17. Stephanie H

    I tried someone else’s started a few months back with no success. I was nervous ordering another, but did anyway. Nothing but succuss with Laura’s starter. I’m absolutely impressed, and, now, addicted to making bread! thank you for the step by step instructions and recipes also! I truly could not be happier with this.

  18. Jordana Paul

    I really love the sourdough starter that I ordered from Laura. It makes delicious bread that my whole family enjoys.

  19. Amy Rodgers

    My sourdough journey began with Laura’s dehydrated sourdough starter. I was able to quickly get it active in just a few days with her clear and easy instructions. Months later and sourdough starter has never failed me. I also purchased her cookbook and now make all our sandwich bread, rolls, bagels, muffins etc. My whole family loves it all and is amazed at how much we feel better eating all homemade sourdough bread products now.

  20. Leslie

    Love my starter! It has lived through a move to a different climate. I was so worried but it is thriving! It makes delicious bread, muffins, and much more!

  21. Jenna (verified owner)

    I love the sourdough starter and cookbook. I have made English muffins and rolls. I haven’t been able to get my starter to ride enough, I feel, to try bread yet. It usually rises an inch, at most 2. It does have good bubbles!

  22. Megan

    Just entering the world of sourdough and Laura’s starter was so easy to use and get me up and running with baking weekly bread for my family. I have had the starter now for about 9 months and I make about 5 loaves a week. It was been wonderful.

  23. Maiz Mac (verified owner)

    This sourdough starter is strong and VERY beginner-friendly.

    I got it into my head to throw myself into this “crunchy” lifestyle. Started when I snagged some double-priced organic unbleached flour off the shelf in Costco (what the heck do I do with all of this??)… then went on Amazon many nights and agonized over ordering a dutch oven… then a cheap round banneton came to our house… then found myself wandering around TJ-MAXX sneaking a thin OXO spatula and a wide blade-type scooper thing into my basket…

    Ordered Laura’s starter. It came. I stared at it. It sat on my counter while the dutch oven was a few days late. I found a tall, non-shouldered mason jar and inverted the lid and it sat on my counter too.

    I followed Laura’s directions that came with the starter and after two 12-hour waits it was high and bubbly – so I made discard waffles as well as the classic overnight loaf and BOTH turned out AMAZING!

    Confidence and fun have arrived after just a short week of making the effort. This is great.

    Watching Sourdough YouTube videos and reading cookbooks for the next month or so is definitely happening.

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