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Oyster Pure Extract Powder Supplement

“After years of searching for a high quality oyster powder, I am so happy that I have been able to source an incredibly nutrient dense, bioavailable oyster powder. I love being able to provide my family (and you!) with the power of zinc, b12, selenium and omega 3 fatty acids, and other important nutrients through food.”

What Is In Oyster Powder?

This Oyster Supplement is a pure oyster extract powder which has been encapsulated and contains significant amounts of naturally occurring nutrients essential for good health.

Each bottle of oyster extract capsules contains on average the concentrated powder of approximately 8-13 pounds of fresh oysters!

This powder contains significant amounts of zinc, copper, selenium, B12 and iodine, naturally occurring as nature intended. There are no fillers, excipients or bulking agents in this product. It is pure oyster extract powder.

What Makes This Pure Oyster Powder Different?


This Oyster Powder is 100% oyster powder from fresh oysters. The oysters are sourced from the waters off the coast of Ireland. The oysters are dried at a low temperature to preserve the integrity of the nutrients. All of the nutrients are organic and from a whole food source, making them 100% bio-available. Every batch is third-party tested for contaminants such as heavy metals, which is known to be pervasive in ocean food life.

Oysters are a nutritional powerhouse. Because the nutrients come from a whole food source, the trace elements in the Oyster Powder are bound to transport molecules (peptides, amino acids) which makes them bio-available for the body to use. The high concentration of free amino acids and peptides are also directly available to the blood once consumed making them very fast acting.

All of the trace elements in the Pure Oyster Powder are present in significant yet balanced concentrations, ensuring they all work in harmony as nature intended. None of the nutrients in the Oyster Powder are present in concentrations that could upset your bodies natural mineral and nutrient balance, like an isolated zinc or copper supplement can.

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