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Athena Women's Clinic

Hormone Specialist – Athena Women’s Clinic
Owner: Esme Anderson
1415 North State Street, Orem, Utah 84057
Phone: 801-225-5323
Website: https://athenawomensclinic.com

“Hormones control nearly all of the functions of the body including our metabolic, immune, and reproductive systems.  Hormones can influence our overall physical and mental health.  With age the levels of hormones decrease which results in mental and physical decline.  Our health and vitality decrease as well as our longevity.  Restoring these hormones to optimal levels eventually brings us toward our youthful energy and zeal, which strengthens our minds and bodies. Improving these hormone levels can decrease many of the conditions that we have come to associate with aging.  Hormone balancing can also help us cope with the stressors that challenge us every day.

Hormone replacement therapy, however, is not an anti-aging solution.  We will continue to age and lose cells secondary to a process that is regulated genetically.  However, with the help of hormones we can slow the decline that happens after midlife.  We can improve resiliency to aging, meaning a more gradual transition with the use of hormone replenishment.  The purpose is to help replenish or replace the hormones that already occur naturally in our body.  Boosting them back up to appropriate medically sound levels protects against disease. 

Deficient hormone levels are identified by hormone blood levels and lab work is performed.  Then hormone values are reviewed and appropriate hormone replacement therapy is determined by those values and your symptoms.  This is not alternative medicine, but rather traditional medicine based on scientific fact.  Often conventional medical therapy allows for a cookie-cutter approach.  Whereas at Athena a more individualized approach is preferred to help women achieve proper hormone balance.”

Quote taken from the Athena Women’s Clinic Website

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  1. I’ve been seeing someone for gut health but just feel like I need to attack my symptoms from all angles. Would love to get an idea of what you do there.

    1. Reach out to Athena Women’s Clinic by phone or their website. They’re so helpful! They’ll tell you how their appointments work.