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The Sourdough Essentials Physical Cookbook

Sourdough Essentials has 43 easy-to-follow sourdough recipes including breads, savory bakes, breakfast items and sweet treats. This book also covers the basics of sourdough baking such as ingredients, baking terms and answers commonly asked questions. Learn how sourdough is so much more than bread!

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13 reviews for The Sourdough Essentials Physical Cookbook

  1. Kari (verified owner)

    I received this cookbook for Christmas and I have enjoyed every recipe I have tried so far. I really enjoy learning that you can add sourdough to so many things. It has been wonderful to learn the health benefits when you let the sourdough, mixed with the other ingredients, sit for period of time that this fermenting makes it easier for our digestive systems.
    Because of this great cookbook, I bought one for my daughter

  2. Angela Hansen

    I love all the recipes in this book! I’ve been baking up a storm and trying them all out. They are pretty dang fantastic!
    I’ve been making our family bread, solely sourdough bread for GF reasons, for about 5 years but have never tried to branch out to other things. Soooo glad I did. I’m never buying GF tortillas again, I’m gonna make all the bagels and muffins and all. the. things.
    Seriously, get the cookbook!

  3. Ashley (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough great things about Laura’s cookbook. The recipes are easy to follow and practical. I think I’ve made 10-12 of the recipes so far and they’re all winners in my family (which includes two young children). It’s a great value!

  4. Shawna M

    Great and easy to follow recipes. The front of the book it has some info about sourdough which helped me have a better understanding.

  5. Mary

    I love this book, I love every recipe and I’ve almost tried them all, it’s taking me some time because each time I make a new recipe I think this is my favorite and make it over and over. My new obsession is pita pockets, so fun and delicious. Friends and family call me a sourdough expert, haha, and request bread all the time. Truthfully, I tried sourdough in 2020 like many others and gave up. But this time, since December when I received my cookbook and tried again, I have baked every week 2-3X and not had one failure. Every recipe is 💯. Right now I have sandwich bread, pie crust, pita dough and a carrot cake sponge in my refrigerator for a long ferment, and it seems so easy! I also follow on Instagram, check out every link and read her website. I check out every new recipe or supplement or recommendation and implement what I can. My husband asks ‘did Laura tell you to do this?’ Its a stamp of approval to say yes she did!

  6. Rachelle

    Probably the most useful cookbook I own. The recipes are easy, clear, concise and delicious. If you’re new to sourdough or baking for years, you need this. Plus, Laura is awesome!

  7. Lisa Barney

    This is the BEST sourdough cookbook on the market. Simple and down to earth recipes you will actually make and love.

  8. Alison

    I absolutely love this cookbook! I’m a busy mom of 4 and needed no fuss recipes that are quick and easy to use! I use this book weekly to feed my family nourishing bread items with nearly no gluten!

  9. Whitnie

    Best sourdough cookbook around! (And I have several) Laura makes sourdough doable for the busy mom or just any regular person with a life. All her recipes have photos, are simple and easy to follow, and always turn out delicious!

  10. Tammy Sullivan

    WOW! Laura hit the ball out of the park with this amazing cookbook! The cookbook is a collection of educational information as well as delightful, delicious recipes. Yes, sourdough can be a mountain to climb with a learning curve; however, Laura’s cookbook takes you on a fun adventure of learning and achieving your delicious bakes! Besides the big pay off of delicious bakes you also get healthy ancient traditional bakes, such a win-win! Trying her different recipes is so exciting and rewarding. You and your family will greatly adore your achievements of healthy, delicious tasting bakes. I highly recommend this cookbook! Thank you, Laura, for publishing such a great educational and recipe book in one!

  11. Tracy Goodspeed

    This is the BEST sourdough cookbook out there! It is basically my sourdough bible! I have tried almost every recipe in it and they have all turned out delicious! Laura is a wealth of knowledge and she knows her sourdough! This is worth every Penny and more! 🍞💜

  12. Cassy

    I love your cookbook! So I bought this along with a starter at pinners conference and I haven’t bought bread since. I haven’t been the best bread baker but your cook book makes it so simple to accomplish sourdough. My husband even bought me a giant beautiful sourdough cookbook for Christmas and I reach for yours still every time. It’s made me a successful bread baker! Thank you!

  13. Leanna Pennala

    This cookbook is the best! I had never made sourdough before and was always intimidated to try. I ordered this cookbook along with Laura’s organic sourdough starter and successfully made bread on my first attempt! The recipes are detailed and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing your talents Laura!

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