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Magnesium Breakthrough – BIOptimers® Supplement

From Laura: “Magnezium Breakthrough is the best magnesium that I’ve found! It has seven of the best types of magnesium. Magnesium reduces inflammation, activates vitamin D, improves insulin senstivity, helps the brain and thyroid function and so much more. I have been using this for several years and swear by it. If you have trouble sleeping, try taking magnesium (this is not medical advice, just an idea.)”

The normal price is $40, but you can purchase it here for 20%! No coupon code required.


  • Best magnesium supplements for sleep
  • Promotes a balanced stress response, feel relaxed and at peace
  • Sleep faster and deeper
  • A key nutrient for healthy immune responses
  • Provides an essential electrolyte to maintain healthy rhythm
  • Provides a key building block to strong bones
Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $32.00.


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